Benefits of Exercise for Body Health

Benefits of Exercise for Body Health - We all know that this exercise activity is very healthy for the body, especially if done regularly. However, in modern times where the activity is very dense, there are many people who are reluctant to exercise for various reasons. Usually, the reason that they don't have time, are tired of working, are not used to exercise, and so on. Even though you only take 30 minutes to exercise, it has contributed greatly to your body's health.

Well, besides being said to be able to maintain a healthy body, many also say that exercise can make someone become smarter and reduce a person's stress level. Is that right? The latest information states that it is very true, besides being physically beneficial, it turns out there are also psychological effects felt by people who exercise. To know more about the benefits of exercise, here is a brief review of the benefits of exercise for physical and spiritual health

Adding Body Fitness and Energy

One of the main benefits of exercise for human health is being able to increase the body's fitness and energy. Regular exercise, even if only 30 minutes per day will be able to improve body fitness significantly. Having good physical fitness will make us not easily tired in carrying out daily activities. In work or study will be able to concentrate for a long time and will not be easily tired.

Enhance Immunity and Prevent Pain

For those of you who have never exercised, lose you. Exercising will increase the body's immunity in the face of disease attacks, one of which is because it can increase the amount of oxygen that enters the body. Increasing the amount of oxygen can minimize the effects of free radicals in the body because oxygen is an antioxidant. Free radicals that are capable of damaging the composition of proteins in the body can be proven to trigger cancer that is difficult to treat and there are many kinds. In addition, free radicals can trigger other dangerous diseases.

Exercising is also able to facilitate blood circulation and burn fat deposits in the body, which of course can reduce the risk of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Diabetes, osteoporosis or bone weathering can also be minimized by exercise. Mild illnesses such as flu and cough can be prevented because of increased body immunity.

What are the benefits of exercise for body health?

Exercise helps improve mood

Are you sad or upset? don't worry because there are many ways to improve your mood to make it better. One effective way is to exercise. Take 30 minutes to take a walk rather quickly when the mood is not so good and pay attention to your mood afterward.

Benefits of exercise in preventing various diseases

Worried about heart disease? or want to prevent high blood pressure? Regular light exercise can control the risk of various diseases including heart disease and high blood pressure. Exercise can reduce LDL, triglycerides and can increase good cholesterol (HDL). Not only that, but exercise can also prevent strokes, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and arthritis.

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Improve memory

hippocampus productivity will increase when we sweat. this part of the brain functions to improve memory. Starting from children, adolescents, adults to seniors can get this benefit. What needs to be considered when exercising is not excessive. Often we are too cool when exercising or having the excessive motivation to lose weight so that we exercise hard for hours. If left unchecked instead of the benefits obtained, we can experience an overtraining condition in which the body will be exhausted, the body's resistance down and pain throughout the body.